People of the sea


January 16, 2020

People of the Sea – Alan Stokes

People of the Sea is a video series exploring the lives of those for whom the ocean is more than a body of water; it’s a career, a passion, or a way of life. For pro surfer Alan Stokes, the sea is where he goes to clear his mind and connect to nature.

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People Of The Sea – produced by Wild Tide Creative

Surfer: Alan Stokes

Directed by: Philly Stokes/ Alan Stokes

Filmed by: Philly Stokes/Anthony Butler – Mr B Productions

Edited by: Alan Stokes/Philly Stokes

Music: Warm Again by Josh Oliver/Edward Hogston

Registered address: Saxon Wharf, Lower York Street, Southampton, SO14 5QF, UK Company number 00462364© 2023 Typhoon International Limited

Designed & Developed by boxChilli

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