Typhoon International’s Swarm4 boot for the active watersports enthusiast

Typhoon International

July 20, 2021

Typhoon International has just added another essential accessory, the Swarm4 Boot, to its 2021 Swarm range of family-friendly apparel for protection in the water.

The Swarm4 Boot is incredibly comfortable as a result of the unique four-way stretch ‘X-Flex’ neoprene used by Typhoon International. The neoprene’s 4mm thickness means the Swarm4 Boot is warm and cosy, great for year round use. Despite the ease of movement that the Swarm4 provides, it offers plenty of support and protection with generous rubber reinforcement to toe and heel. Blind stitched construction means you won’t suffer any chafing.

The Swarm4 Boot, just like the rest of the Swarm4 wetsuit and accessory range, offers great quality and protection at an attractive price for every dinghy sailor, surfer, paddleboarder, in fact for just about any watersports.

Like the other products in Typhoon International’s wetsuit range, the Swarm4 Boot has been created according to the company’s commitment to the environment. Each wetsuit accessory is manufactured according to ‘REACH’ regulations, ensuring that chemicals hazardous to the environment are not used in the manufacturing process.

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