Typhoon Scorpion Nationals in association with Craftinsure & FFX at Penzance Sailing Club – Day 5: Thursday


August 20, 2021

Race 9: Course – T3L Triangle /Sausage / Triangle : Leeward Finish
The fleet enjoyed a chance to draw breath as Race Officer, Malcolm Woolcock used his experience to keep the fleet ashore to wait for the Cornish mizzle to clear and the South Westerly breeze to fill in.
Pathfinders Angus and Fraser Hemmings used this time to hone their port close hauled skills. But when the race started, the pleather of early starters voted with their feet and were richly rewarded. Tom & Rachael led round the windward mark followed by Alan & Simon and Ryan & Hannah who charged down the first reach, rolling Alan & Simon.

Today’s navigation challenge was to spot the shorten course at the 3rd windward mark.

Final places were:
1. Tom Gillard & Rachael Grey
2. Alan Krailing & Si Forbes
3. Ryan & Hannah Buchanan

Race 10: Course – T3W Triangle /Sausage / Triangle : Windward Finish
Nigel Wakefield and Pasty showed all their pathfinding experience and opened the gate, tacked and led the fleet round followed closely by class heavyweights Dave Elston & Gavin Poullion and the Weymouth all female team of Sandra Smith & Jeni Richards (from the awesome Beat Racing App).
Tom & Rachael showed their class on the tight second reach and pushed into second. But they showed they are fallible by mucking up their next spinnaker hoist.
Nigel and Pasty finally succumbed to the chasing pack and ended up third – a great result for old boat.

Final results were:
1. Tom Gillard & Rachael Grey
2. Alan Krailing & Si Forbes
3. Nigel Wakefield and Pasty


Congratulations to Tom 7 Rachel!

By Ian Cadwallader

Date: 19.08.21

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