WETSUIT terminology explained


October 13, 2021

Do you know your Powertex from your Glideskin?  Your GBS from your Power Paddle Zones? The difference between different neoprene thicknesses?

We take a look at some of the terminology used in the descriptions of our range of Typhoon wetsuits. On the Typhoon website and leisure products brochure you can see a handy key to each of our wetsuits showing the many advanced features.  These include:

Powertex knees – where the knee areas are reinforced for added durability.  Important if you are spending a lot of time kneeling on boards or in dinghies.

Glideskin neck – This is a supersoft composite smooth and stretchy skin seal that helps to minimise rub and keep you comfortable without tightness.

Watergate zip barrier system – this is another of Typhoon’s ingenious techniques to help keep additional water out, so as to keep you extra warm.

GBS Seams – these use a glued and blind stitched sealed seam system, which stops any water ingress through the seams, resulting in a much warmer and durable wetsuit. You will also come across the Flatlock seam system where two pieces of fabric are placed side-by-side and the edges are sewn directly together so there’s no bulk, you can’t feel the seams and so it’s ultra-comfortable to wear.

OFZ Entry – Over head front zip system, which offers additional flexibility in the back panel.

Back Entry Zip – A back zip entry system, via a vertical zip on the back of the suit, usually running from the top down to the waist.

Key loop – an internal elasticated loop for attachment of keys.

K pad – this durable knee pad protects your knees and the suit from reef and board rub.

Power paddle zones – there are areas of super stretch panelling built into the suit for for ease of movement.  Perfect for energetic paddlers.

Furness lining – this is a hollow fibre heat source lining used in a selection of Typhoon’s wetsuits for extra warmth.

As well as our handy key references here are a few more terms explained:

Smoothskin mesh – this is an additional fabric that can be used to reinforced the chest and back panels and is designed to reduce wind chill.

Reach compliant – we are increasingly ensuring that our manufacturing processes are kinder to the planet.  Our Reach compliant fabrics are manufactured ensuring that chemicals hazardous to the environment are not used in the manufacturing process. Find out more about Reach.

2/3/4/5mm – this is simply the thickness of the neoprene used in the wesuit.  3/2mm is good for the summer months or warmer regions, while 5/4mm gives a thicker warmer protection.

Contoured seams – this is where Typhoon’s ‘body mapping’ technology ensures the most ergonomically shaped suit, made to the human shape!

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