Get kitted out for diving – a beginner’s guide

Typhoon International

October 18, 2021

Maybe you are new to diving or just starting to get into your stride, or you’ve completed the first courses and are ready to go it alone or with a club. It’s time to get your own kit. Where should you begin?

There are a number of factors to consider, such as the warmth of the water and that will change between different regions of the world or the depth that you are planning to dive to. Typhoon International sells a complete range of diving apparel. So, from the skin upwards:

To keep warm and dry next to the skin start with base layers. Typhoon offers a choice of three undersuits, the 200g Thinsulate Undersuit, 100g Thinsulate Undersuit and Lightweight Undersuit. As the names suggest the 200g suit is ideal for winter diving, or very deep diving and being in the water for long periods. It will keep you warm in the coldest of conditions. The 100g option is a great choice for a mixed range of diving and is our best seller. Both feature a front zip and are breathable with a tough nylon ripstop outer for added durability. The Lightweight Undersuit base layer can also be used for warm water or as a base layer underneath one of the two thicker undersuits.

Typhoon’s divesuit range offers plenty of options, depending on your budget or dive location. Our flagship divesuits are the front entry Typhoon Spectre and the Typhoon Quantum Air. Both are packed with advanced features while being lightweight and with great freedom of movement. The Quantum Air’s built-in thermic boots added to the high density 4mm neoprene with Armourtex outer shell and 5mm hood make it the best choice for colder climates while the Spectre is an all-round suit with neoprene socks.

Complete your dive outfit with warm Kilve3 or Kilv5 gloves and a Raptor 3mm or 5mm hood, if needed. Don’t forget the accessories that you are going to need too. Typhoon has a great range of masks in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, plus snorkels in a range of colours. Choose from a range of very high quality knives too including the Chisel 12cm blunt ended knife, the Dragon 7cm knife or the Delta 7cm knife.

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