Typhoon International’s Storm2.8 Glove – the great allrounder for active warmth

Typhoon International

July 13, 2021

Hands will stay super-warm and protected inside Typhoon International’s brand new Storm2.8 Gloves, the essential hand warmers for sailing and watersports.

Each Storm2.8 glove is perfectly constructed so that you can say goodbye to that numb feeling and instead keep active and nimble-fingered while dinghy sailing, windsurfing or enjoying just about any watersport.  A pair of Storm2.8 gloves is a great versatile accessory, attractively priced for entry-level or experienced hands alike. The key to warmth is the Storm2.8’s 3mm neoprene.  Meanwhile ‘PU’ patterned palm reinforcement add even more protection from the elements while providing extra reinforcement in the areas of the greatest wear.

Storm2.8 gloves are comfortable and flexible too, so you can wear them in comfort for hours on end. They perfectly complement Typhoon International’s range of Storm wetsuits and wetsuit boots for full body protection.

Like the other products in Typhoon International’s Storm range, the Storm2.8 gloves have been created according to the company’s commitment to the environment.  Each Storm product is manufactured according to ‘REACH’ regulations, ensuring that chemicals hazardous to the environment are not used in the manufacturing process.  

Sizes: Adult – S,M,L,XL.  Youth – Y-S,Y-M,Y-L

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